1. Receipt and delivery of the product, if it is available in the warehouse.

1.1. The product is available in the warehouse and in your chosen branch:

1.1.1. Receipt in the branch: you will be able to receive the product on the same day, placing an order and paying the respective invoice. After receiving a confirmation from PTP Store SIA stating that the product is ready for issue, you can come and receive it.  You can also receive the product and pay for it on site in the branch, but in this case you will not place an order online, but will conduct the respective operations on site in the store, paying in cash or with a payment card.

1.1.2. Sending the product with a courier or Omniva: transfer of the product to a courier can be executed on the same day, if the order is placed and the respective payment is made until 14.00 o'clock, after receiving a confirmation from PTP Store SIA that the product is ready for dispatch.  Also the human factor has to be considered, because if there are many orders, their execution can be transferred to the next day, but we call for communication and, if dispatch of the product on the specific day is important for you, definitely inform us about this necessity.

1.2. The product is available in the warehouse, but it is not available in your chosen branch, where you wish to receive the respective product. In these cases we transfer products from one branch to another, without charging an additional fee, but the order has to be approved until 14:00 o'clock. This process takes one working day.

2. Receipt and delivery of the product, if it is not available in the warehouse.

2.1. Standard delivery from the most popular suppliers to our stores:

  • SKF products: 3 – 7 working days, depends on the day of placing the order and the time of the day, when the respective order is placed;
  • BOSCH products 2 – 3 working days;
  • Tyres (all types) 1 – 2 working days;
  • Optibelt products 3 – 7 working days;
  • Mobil oils and greases 1 – 2 working days;
  • SMC products 2 – 4 working days;
  • Batteries 1 – 3 working days;
  • CRC chemicals 2 – 4 weeks, depends on the moment of placing an order;
  • Loctite chemicals 3 – 4 working days;
  • Conveyor chains, depends on the season and complexity, from one to several weeks;
  • Bearings and belts of other manufacturers 3 – 7 working days.

2.2. Fast or Express delivery: majority of suppliers offer this option, when making delivery with DHL, UPS, TNT or any other courier service, which ensures delivery to our branch within 2 working days, but in practice the delivery is often completed already on the next working day in Riga and Jelgava. This is an additional paid service, which definitely has to be clarified, because frequently costs depend on the weight of products and range starting from 10 EUR.

3. Delivery costs in the territory of Latvia; currently, we offer three delivery variants.

  • Delivery with a courier 3.63 EUR, incl. VAT;
  • Delivery to Omniva parcel machines 3.63 EUR, incl. VAT;
  • Delivery to or receiving of products in our stores in Riga, Jelgava and Liepāja, free of charge.

4. Delivery costs outside Latvia currently cannot be calculated automatically, but we can dispatch products to any country; please send a request for stating costs to the e-mail address: